Industries in Johor

Support of a Wide Range of Industries

As one of the developed states in Malaysia, Johor has a diversified economy base that supports a wide range of industries. Some of these industries are well-established in the state, while some are emerging industries that receive high attention from the state government. The industries are divided into two buckets: Core Industries (existing and established industries) and Emerging Industries (new and upcoming industries).

Core Industries

The core industries in Johor are more established and integral to the economic development of the state. These industries are seen as the stable economic drivers within the state, with high value-added and employment contributions. They can be found in many industrial parks or zones scattered throughout the state. Even though they are established industries, the state government recognises that there is still ample space for future growth, especially in up-scaling and moving into high value-adding activities.

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Emerging Industries

Apart from the core industries, the state government is determined to transform Johor’s economy by tapping into new high growth areas. These emerging industries are mainly centred in the Iskandar Malaysia region. Together with the core industries, they are expected to drive the state’s economic growth in the next two decades.

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