Foreword from the Chairman of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs


YB Datuk Tee Siew Kiong Chairman of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs of Johor

Johor, also known as the “Southern Gateway of Malaysia”, is the second largest state with an area of 19,984 sq km and is one of the most developed states in the nation. In 2015 alone, the total proposed capital investment in Johor was the highest in the country valued at US$7.3 billion, which constituted about 42% of total investment in the country. It is about US$5 billion higher than the second ranked state.

Economic development in Johor is attributed to the close partnership and trust between various government agencies and investors. Apart from being home to two major economic corridors (Iskandar Malaysia and the East Coast Economic Region), the Johor state government also introduced several major development policies. These policies are MSC Cyberport Johor, Bio Desaru, Agriculture Modernisation, and Kota Iskandar. In addition to that, the Johor state government is determined to diversify and nurture emerging industries such as healthcare services, education services, and the creative industry as a mean to meet future global and local demand.

The establishment of the Johor State Investment Centre (JSIC) is an important initiative introduced by the Johor State Government. JSIC, formed under the purview of the Johor Chief Minister, functions as a one-stop centre to help investors in Johor. JSIC will continue to play a key role in promoting Johor as an ideal investment location, bridging the gap between various government agencies and investors. Investors will be able to see the unique positioning the Johor state can offer to help grow businesses. With that, I sincerely invite investors and business leaders to join our vibrant community by setting up in Johor. You will experience tangible benefits and advantages of doing business in our State as thousands of other enterprises and millions of people have in the “Pride of Malaysia”.